Major Update : Great War Project : Spad VII

Major Update : Great War Project : Spad VII

Major Update : The Great War Project : Spad VII CI (150)

As part of our continued support, several items have been addressed on the S7 which include the following fixes and additions.

  • Flight Model. Several corrections to rudder/elevator control, and engine/propeller properties.
  • Start-up smoke. Corrects the ‘sticking’ smoke at engine start.
  • Engine Smoke. Corrects at which point oil burning smoke is generated.
  • Magneto operation. Corrects Left/Right magnetos to function properly.
  • Starter operation. Corrects starter animation and function to work properly.
  • Fuel selector valve. Corrects fuel selector valve to enable selection of fuel-cutoff.
  • Engine Audio. Corrects audio files from ‘hanging’, and fixes internal audio to dual channel stereo for better depth of sound.
  • Contact Points. Corrects wheel and skid contact points, to allow better performance over grass runways, and with Accu-Feel.
  • Propeller Texture. Correct backwards text on propeller, removing to make more accurate to type.
  • Mid-Air reload. Correct aircraft load, to run when selected in mid-air, and with pilot visible.
  • System flooding. Corrects ‘constant firing’ of key events, which caused multiplayer and system performance issues.
  • Added full functionality to all cockpit switches.
  • Update to the configuration panel, allowing selection of ‘cold and dark’, or ‘ready to start’ setups.
  • More FDE Re-work, including weight distribution, stall characteristics, and control surface dynamics.
  • Updated effects files for more realistic start-up smoke, and very subtle full-power smoke.
  • New custom stereo audio files for open-cockpit wind noise, and ‘shaky’ touchdown sounds.
  • Enabled user sounds to be used across multiplayer.

TacPack Integration;

1 x Synchronized Vickers Machine Gun, fixed, forward-firing through the spinning Propeller. Ammo: 500 x .303 armour piercing with Mk. VIIT Tracers. Fires at 480 rounds per minute.

Optional; 1 x Lewis Machine Gun, fitted to the top wing (field modification).Ammo: 3 x 97rnd drums of .303 armour piercing with Mk. VIIT Tracers. Fires at 550 rounds per minute.

Complete with muzzle flash, tracers (optional), and actual audio recordings from both guns.


The update is now released and is available at and

Stay tuned for some very exciting news on the T33 and our upcoming B25.

Happy Flying
Vertigo Studios Team

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