Released : Official TBM Avenger Patch 1.1

Released : Official TBM Avenger Patch 1.1

TBM Avenger 1.1 Patch

The patch was released on 31st July 2011


1, Corrected the attitude indicator Snags when rolling, it snags when going through level flight.
2, Removed the Ball turret animation.
3, Corrected the Altitude Gauge.
4, Corrected the Slip Gauge.
5, Increased the cockpit glass slightly.
6, Corrected the altitude Gauge (3000′ and so on)
7, Corrected the Glass on the fuselage windows.
8, Made the Battery Generator sound less intrusive.
9, Added more bump and spec to the Fuselage and Wings.
10, BONUS Added a new additional FDE, now theres ‘2’ FDE files, Advanced Flight Dynamics and Easy Flight Dynamics.
11, Corrected the VC light.
12, BONUS added a new paint-scheme 66, VT(N)-90, CV-6, USS Enterprise, ca.1945

To be able to install 1.1, uninstall your Avenger installation by going to :

Start > All Programs > Vertigo Studios > TBM Avenger > Uninstall TBM Avenger

If you have made any alterations, then be sure to backup your alterations.

Once your current installation is removed from your PC, re-download the TBM Avenger again from and proceed as you did before inititally when first purchased.

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